Stay positive

Kathy Childers
Kathy Childers

No one, it seems, can escape the unrelenting challenges of COVID-19. It feels like we’re in a constant state of fear trying to stay safe and adopt the proper (and changing) protocols. So we isolate, and that makes it difficult to feel connected to our fellow humans.

But we’re Minnesotans! We can do this. We’re tough and resilient. The long and frigid winters we endure have been the perfect training ground for getting through the unprecedented restrictions of the pandemic. And when we need a human connection or a little boost of encouragement, we need only look to our community for inspiration, as you’ll discover in this issue.

Our cover star, Mary Anne Kowalski, and her namesake markets have been nourishing and nurturing us for decades with their carefully curated foods and warm, inviting markets. Masks and a pandemic haven’t changed that. Kowalski’s own perseverance and optimism is reflected in how each of her grocery stores serves the Twin Cities and suburbs.

Columnist Dave Nimmer introduces us to the energetic Dean Shepersky, a senior housing resident who keeps his focus on the moment and how he can be of service.

If you’re fighting the blues as you think about the upcoming holidays, this will cheer you up: five clever ideas for safely connecting with your friends and family that promise to make the holidays special. Read about party ideas, cookie decorating and more.

Minnesota Good Age hasn’t escaped the challenges of the coronavirus. Recently Minnesota Premier Publications, its parent company, made the very difficult decision to stop publishing it, along with sister publications Southwest Journal and Minnesota Parent. This is the last issue of the two magazines. Southwest Journal will close at the end of the year. But we’re going to remain positive: The magazine is for sale, and we’re not giving up hope on finding a buyer.

It’s been an incredible journey for the magazine and my great privilege to serve you. I hope we’ll meet again very soon!