This is goodbye!

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson. Photo by Tracy Walsh

Leaving a wonderful job is never easy. But that’s exactly what I’m doing: After six years as editor of Minnesota Good Age, I’m ending my time here to accept another role. (I’ll also be leaving my other editor role at Minnesota Parent.)

It has been such an honor — and a true pleasure — to curate content for the over-age-50 audience of this magazine.

And even though I’ve always been a bit shy of that age demographic, our readers, writers and staff have always treated me with respect.

I’ve always been welcome here. Perhaps that’s because I’ve tried to be a student of what it means to age well. Indeed, over this past half-decade, I’ve learned so much!

I can’t believe all the topics we’ve covered and all the people we’ve profiled, too. Our local cover stars have been some of the most inspiring people you could hope to meet. They’ve ranged in age from 50 to 90, and they’ve all had such incredible insights into staying healthy, happy and accomplished.

Writer Julie Kendrick and photographer Tracy Walsh have done everything in their power to bring you their one-of-a-kind stories with world-class words and pictures over the years. I’m sure they’ll continue to do so, but I’ll deeply miss witnessing their talent, creativity and energy every single month!

I’ll also dearly miss working with our treasured longtime columnists — former full-time journalist Dave Nimmer (author of the My Turn column), former stewardess Carol Hall (author of the one-of-a-kind Memories column) and our rotating cast of Minnesota History writers, who have graciously provided a rich array of local stories every month (primarily Lauren Peck and Jessica Kohen).

Good Age wouldn’t be the same without them.

Alas, now — despite the fact that we’re in the middle of an especially tough time for seniors — is my time to go. I’m ready to pass the baton to another content curator.

With our locally owned and operated company at the helm — Minnesota Premier Publications — and the aforementioned steadfast crew of writers and photographers, I know you’re in excellent hands. I’ve been fortunate to work among them.

During this unprecedented, unparalleled time of pandemic, I hope our magazines can bring some light into your days, wherever you are (and no matter how long)!

I hope you stay safe and sane — as we all wait out what’s next!