Holding steady

Mary Louise Knutson
Mary Louise Knutson

It’s not easy being an older adult right now. As I write this, the pandemic of COVID-19 is turning the world upside down.

And the folks who are most at risk for severe complications from the virus make up our core audience — ages 60 and older.

Even though “this too shall pass,” it’s still scary. And there’s no doubt: Our society will come out of this changed, probably in ways we can’t even fathom just yet.

I was going to use this letter to encourage you to see some live music — specifically the local gem that is jazz pianist Mary Louise Knutson, this month’s captivating cover star!

Knutson had three performances set for April. But due to our country’s current state of lockdown, they’re all unlikely to happen.

One thing’s for sure: Our arts community, our restaurant scene, our retailers and others are all going to need us more than ever after the sickness subsides.

Live music, theater or even literature and poetry can lift the soul like nothing else. Often, you don’t even have to be a fan of the performer or even know the works being performed.

In the case of Knutson, I haven’t been out to see her play live yet. But you can bet I’m going to when I get the chance again — when our freedom is restored, our freedom to be out in groups, a freedom I didn’t realize I’d taken for granted.

For now, I may have to order a CD at marylouiseknutson.com or tinyurl.com/ jazz-mn-cds. (I know I’ll be supporting other artists and businesses in small ways like this when I can. You should, too!)

Who knew we’d be going through this unparalleled experience even a few weeks ago, deprived of so many important cultural touchpoints and gatherings, large and small?

This month, instead of publishing our Can’t-Miss Calendar, we’ve created a short guide for living it up while you’re staying home. I hope it helps.

What are you doing to keep your spirits strong — and body healthy — during this time of crisis?

Please share with me any other ideas you might have for our stay-home calendar/guide coming up in May.

You can write me at [email protected] with the subject line #stayhomemn.

It’s not going to be easy, but we can do this — in our own way — together.