A true caregiver

Dr. David Hilden and Sarah Jackson
Dr. David Hilden and Sarah Jackson

Being hospitalized can be a harrowing experience. Usually you’re admitted for something serious, and there are risks of secondary infections and other complications, too, especially if your stay is longer.

Fortunately, here in Minnesota, we have excellent hospitals and physicians who specialize in hospital care — including this month’s ever-cheerful cover star Dr. David Hilden.

You see, Hilden isn’t just a highly revered primary care doctor for Hennepin Healthcare in downtown Minneapolis, he’s also an acute care hospitalist at Hennepin County Medical Center. Being a hospitalist means he’s in tune with the unique situations patients can face in a hospital setting, including infections, blood clots and even bed sores.

Add in Hilden’s easygoing temperament, sense of humor and caring bedside manner and you have quite a remarkable physician. Best of all, Hilden enjoys working with seniors, whom he genuinely respects.

“Sometimes, I have to make sure I get to their health problems during our appointments,” he said, “because I treasure long and engaged conversations about stories of their youth, family, careers and future dreams.”

And that’s not all that’s special about Hilden: He’s also the guy behind the Healthy Matters radio show on WCCO 830 AM, now entering its 12th year. That’s over a decade of sharing health knowledge and answering callers’ questions.

In addition to all of the above, Hilden, who has a master’s degree in public health, travels the world to speak to medical educators about health-care topics.

Is it any wonder his peers suggested he become Vice President of Medical Affairs for Hennepin Healthcare last year? 

And yet it’s also a marvel that he can keep up with it all, given his involvement in the American College of Physicians and the Minnesota Medical Association, too. 

My guess is that he’s fueled by his own natural super-human energy, but also his amazing, close-knit family — a loving wife, Julie, and their two grown children.

Hilden’s clearly a fortunate guy. But we’re just as lucky to have him — working as a caregiver/clinician, being a health-care leader in the heart of our city and talking to us all every week on the radio. 

Thanks, doc!