The art of evolving

Robyne Robinson
Robyne Robinson, a longtime supporter of the arts, poses in front of a painting by Drew Peterson at the Public Functionary art space in Minneapolis, where she serves on the board. Photo by Tracy Walsh

Well, look at that! It’s Robyne Robinson, who many of you may remember from her broadcast career at Minnesota 9, or FOX 9, as it’s now known.

Yes, she’s still as smart, creative and glamorous as she was eight years ago, when she left her TV career.

But what you might not necessarily know is that Robinson’s role as anchor and producer was only the beginning of her incredible career.

Indeed, since her departure from FOX, Robinson’s taken on numerous other roles in the Twin Cities, including a post as director of the MSP Arts and Culture Program with the MSP International Airport Foundation.

Robinson, for the past four years, has been one of the people bringing in the gorgeous installations you may have seen in the airport’s two terminals. (I, for one, have been absolutely awed by the mosaics in the restrooms, of all places! As someone who dreads airports, I’m increasingly enjoying flying out of our ever-changing MSP.)

What qualified Robinson for such a job?

Well, for starters, Robinson is an international artist herself, thanks to her Rox Minneapolis Jewelry line, once sold around the world and still sold locally today. (In fact, she made the stunning necklaces she’s wearing in this very issue.)

But before she even left her TV job, Robinson had been busy cultivating other avenues, including her own PR agency (serving Prince, Outkast and other big names) and her own art space (the former flatland gallery) — plus board and volunteer positions with many local arts organizations.

And now, as of 2018, she’s taking on a new position as a part-time arts consultant with Minneapolis-based Alliiance Architects. (Yes, those two Is are intentional.)

Kind of amazing, don’t you think?

Robinson says she wouldn’t have it any other way: “As you get older, you really have to think about: ‘What’s the next step for me?’ You’re constantly reinventing yourself.”

Even as a kid, Robinson enjoyed art. It was just a matter of picking up that interest where she’d left off.

It makes me think: Couldn’t we all explore our other interests, our other dimensions, whether it’s in the name of a second-act career or as part of taking on a life-changing, enriching hobby?

Check out the full interview with Robinson and see what you think.

You never know what you might find!