Potty Pillow review

A pillow for your toilet seat?

Older gentleman using the Potty Pillow / Photo by Potty Pillow

Ever once in awhile a product comes along and you think, “where has this been?” and “why hasn’t someone thought of it sooner?”

That is the case with the newly released, Potty Pillow. Created by Minnesotan, Rena Heegaard, the Potty Pillow is for people experiencing discomfort in the bathroom due to chronic pain or physical condition, so it provides a more comfortable bathroom experience. The antimicrobial, water-resistant, vegan leather pillow slips onto the toilet seat back. It transforms the cold, (typically) hard surface into an ergonomic, supportive backrest.

A quick look at the Potty Pillow

We received our Potty Pillow to try out this summer. It came in attractive package that gave it a “high-end” feel. Opening up the box, I unwrapped the decorative wrap that enclosed the pillow to find a well-constructed, leather pillow “cushion”. It’s immediately apparent how the product is used, with its stretch pocket-backing that fits snugly over the back of a toilet seat.

Potty Pillow unwrapping / Photo by Minnesota Good Age

I used the product for about a week and kept coming back to the thought, “why hasn’t anyone thought of this?” It is something you’d have figured toilet seat manufacturers might have already included with their products OR offered as a premium accessory.

Typically, I’m arms resting on my thighs while on the toilet seat, with (of course) phone in hand. But, this position is hard on your neck and back. Having a pillow like this offers great support to the lower back / back.

While the pillow was designed with those with chronic pain, or back pain in mind, it is a product that many will appreciate.

The Potty Pillow in use / Photo by Minnesota Good Age

Pros and cons of the Potty Pillow

While I enjoyed using the product, I asked my wife and mother to give it a go (so to speak). And, I was surprised by their initial reaction to the Potty Pillow. Both were concerned about it being sanitary to use.

“What if urine gets on the back of it? Or other debris?”

“It seems like it might be hard to keep clean.”

I asked a Potty Pillow representative about their initial thoughts, and they provided helpful points about the product’s specifications.

  • The pillow is made from an anti-microbial material, including properties that effectively reduce germs, bacteria, and molds by 99.99%.
  • The pillow is water-resistant, so spills and urine don’t penetrate the surface.
  • The pillow is easy to clean. You may use your favorite cleaning spray to wipe down the pillow. The cover can also be removed and hand-washed for a deeper clean.

It’s also important to note how seamless it is to install and slip off the toilet seat to use for other purposes. So, for example, you are bathing your child in the bathtub, you could slip the Potty Pillow off, and use it as cushion for your knees.

Other uses for the Potty Pillow / Photo provided by Potty Pillow


  • Comfortable.
  • Sanitary.
  • Well-made.
  • Easy to use / install.
  • Multi-use options.
  • Useful, especially if you have lower back pain, other conditions.


  • May need to clean from time-to-time.
  • Higher cost.
  • If you close the toilet cover, it will come in contact with the seat (but is easy to clean).

For anyone looking for extra back support and comfort while “on the go,” the Potty Pillow is as comfortable as it looks.

Final thoughts

While the product is not “cheap” or cheaply made, it retails for $99 online. You may also purchase two for $190. There is 15% off if you sign-up at their website to receive Potty Pillow emails.

I think it makes for a fun, and helpful gift to someone in your life who may be an older adult, experiencing chronic pain, recovering from surgery, or experiencing any type of back pain.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried the Potty Pillow and what your thoughts are.

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