Convincing loved ones to accept help

These tips may help a loved one accept in-home assistance

Older adult woman receives in-home nursing care / Getty

Are you finding it challenging to convince an older adult family member or friend to accept help in their home? Here are some tips to consider when encouraging someone to accept in-home help.

  • Initiate the conversation about in-home help when they are open to hearing it. Avoid bringing up the topic if they are upset or angry. A recent health change or hospitalization may help the older adult recognize in-home services as a support to their goal of remaining in their home.
  • Gentle persistence is key. Continue to bring up the subject, letting them know you care for them and want to be as proactive as possible. Let them know you want what they want – to be safe, healthy, and as independent as possible.
  • Try starting small by first establishing a lifeline service or grocery delivery. Once they see that those services are helpful and make life a little easier, they may be open to increasing services in the home in the near future. See if family and friends can organize their efforts to provide assistance as well.
  • Let them know you are aware that most people want to age in place, remaining independent in their homes for as long as possible. They may find it reassuring to learn that there are a variety of home and community based services available to support them.
  • Check out these caregiving resource guides provided by AARP.

To learn more about the services available in your area go to MN State service database at or call Senior LinkAge line at 1-800-333-2433.

Krystal Wiebusch