About Us

GA-Mag-Spread_080317_791x1024Minnesota Good Age magazine is the go-to resource for news and information about health care, housing and wellness for ages 55 and older.


Good Age was founded by Doug Hannemann in 1981. He added a partner, Son Parker, shortly thereafter and they operated it for several years before the Wilder Foundation Elderly Division took it on sometime in the mid 80’s. It was published by Wilder until July 2005 when it was acquired by Minnesota Premier Publishing (Terry Gahan and Janis Hall).

After moving the format from newsprint to an award-winning magazine, Minnesota Premier Publishing decided to cease publishing Good Age at the end of 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and retirement.

In early 2022, Aaron and Jen Shepherd – publishers of The Phoenix Spirit (an addiction / recovery newspaper in the Twin Cities), purchased the magazine from Minnesota Premier Publishing.