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GA-Mag-Spread_080317_791x1024Minnesota Good Age magazine is the monthly go-to resource for news and information about health care, housing and wellness for Minnesotans ages 50 and older.

For 35 years, Minnesotans over 50 have turned to Good Age for coverage of subjects that matter to them most.

Readers can rely on Good Age for information on how to enhance and embrace the best years of their lives — the good age.

Our magazines are FREE at 1,000 metro-area racks, and are delivered to various libraries, community centers, grocery stores, coffee shops and local businesses.

You can also have our glossy magazine mailed to your home by calling 612-436-4388 or emailing subscriptions@mngoodage.com.

We’re a locally owned, family-run business, part of Minnesota Premier Publications, which also publishes Minnesota Parent magazine, the Southwest Journal (serving southwest Minneapolis) and The Journal, serving downtown and Northeast Minneapolis.



Sarah Jackson / Editor

Direct: (612) 436-4385
Job duties: Planning, assigning, writing, editing and overseeing editorial content and social media for Minnesota Good Age and one of our sister publications, Minnesota Parent
With the company since: 2014
Contact: If you’re interested in writing for Good Age, please check out the guidelines on our Contributor’s page.
With the company since: 2014

I grew up in South Dakota and graduated from MSU-Moorhead with a mass communications degree after running the college paper and writing feature stories (and typing obituaries) for The Forum in Fargo. After living and studying in the U.K. for a year, I returned to the U.S. to work as a reporter, feature writer, blogger and page designer at newspapers in Duluth, Minn.; and Olympia and Everett, Washington. After living in the Seattle area for 12 years, I moved to the Twin Cities and entered the world of magazines with Gardening How-To (deceased). I came to Minnesota Good Age in 2014. I live in Minnetonka (not on Lake Minnetonka) and love gardening, eating out, trying to learn tennis and, most of all, spending time with my son.


Valerie Moe / Creative Director

Direct: (612) 436-5075
Job duties: Leading the creative team and designing award-winning page layouts and print advertisements for Minnesota Good Age and our sister publications, Minnesota Parent, The Journal and The Southwest Journal
With the company since: 2007

I grew up in Mankato, moved to the Twin Cities in 2001 for college, and then never left. While attending The Art Institutes International Minnesota, I worked at TGI Friday’s — which is where I met my wonderful husband. Now we live in Bloomington with our three children and are enjoying life in the ‘burbs. We love being outside, whether it’s camping in the pop-up, playing at the park, biking around the neighborhood or taking a walk with the double stroller. You can read all about the handy products I’ve discovered while parenting (including some products that are for parenting multiples!) at mnparent.com/moe-mama.


Danielle Cunningham / Graphic Designer

View More: http://ginazeidler.pass.us/cunninghamfamilyfall2016
Direct: (612) 436-4364
Job duties: Designing pages and advertisements
With the company since: 2016


Kaitlin Ungs / Graphic Designer

Direct: 612-436-4365
Job duties: Designing pages and advertisements
With the company since: 2016

Kaitlin came to Minnesota Premier Publications from Iowa as an alumna of Iowa State University – she also runs her own freelance design company, A11 Design, named after the apartment she inhabited in Rome. She has a passion for travel, color, eating and getting 10,000 steps on her Fitbit daily. You can find her editing photos of loved ones (dogs included), illustrating social media shareables, laying out page content, and writing about children’s books. Outside of the office, she’ll be walking her dog, going to a gym class, exploring the cities, or eating everything in sight.



Jamie Crowson / Web Content Editor / Social Media Curator

Direct: 612-825-9205
Job duties: Web content management, editing, proofreading, social media
With the company since: 2016

This May, I graduated with my BA in Technical Communications and Professional Writing – quite a feat after chipping away at it for 14 years! I came to Minnesota Premier Publications as an intern in the spring of 2016 and am now their web content editor and one of the social media curators. When I’m not looking up obscure words in the online dictionary, my favorite thing to do is read. You can find out what books I’m reading on goodreads.com – under the user name bookjunkie. I have recently heard of people “finishing” their TBR list. I don’t understand this concept.

Delaney Patterson / Client Services Administrator & Office Manager

Direct: (612) 436-5070
Job duties: Trafficking ads, client support, sales team support, office manager
With the company since: 2016

I like that Minnesota Premier Publications places me at the heart of the Minneapolis community. Around the office, I play Jane-of-many-trades. Outside business hours, find me flowing through a Chaturanga, admiring Earth’s natural environment, or working up the motivation to try a new recipe.


Marlo Johnson / Distribution Manager

Direct: (612) 436-4388
Job duties: Managing timely distribution of our publications
With the company since: 2004

I lead a force of 60 carriers and drivers to ensure timely and accurate distribution of our publications. I was born and raised in Minneapolis and graduated from the University of Minnesota. I came to Minnesota Premier Publications after working with national newsstand magazines for a number of years.


Terry Gahan / Sales Manager & Co-Owner

Direct: (612) 436-4360
With the company since: 1990

I like the newspaper business. It’s fun working with business and community leaders who recognize our contribution to the community. I also enjoy spending time with my family, working out and playing music.


Janis Hall / Co-Owner

Direct: (612) 436-4361
With the company since: 1990

Terry and I started the Southwest Journal in 1990 in our basement, never dreaming that the business would grow to include four publications. We have a wonderful staff and we all pride ourselves on providing outstanding news and information coverage for our readers. As for me, I’m an old-house nut with the 1916 Arts & Crafts home to prove it. I share the house with husband Terry, two field spaniels named Django and Emmet, and large piles of reading material.